Official Confessions of a Runner Trailer Released

Confessions of a Runner poster

House of Steep Productions is proud to announce the release of the official trailer for our upcoming short documentary, Confessions of a Runner, which was produced in collaboration with Visionaire Media and the MENA Media Fund.

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Ultra-running evokes notions of insanity, dedication, and the pursuit of mind over body. A blend of eye-popping scenery, extreme human achievement, and revealing personal stories, Confessions of a Runner features Patrick Vaughan—an accomplished trail runner, small business owner, parent, and survivor of serious physical impairments—as he shares his story of healing and redemption while pursuing the record for completing the 470km Lebanon Mountain Trail.

Exquisite handheld and drone cinematography and a soundtrack from local musicians provide context to this rugged north-to-south trail run, traversing from Syria to the Israeli border.

Experience the Lebanese Mountain Trail through the strides and sweat of Patrick and the experiences of guide and record-holder Avedis Kalpaklian and other local runners. Patrick keeps one eye on his GPS and the other eye on the prize, breaking the record of eight days set by Avedis, a stand-out Lebanese mountain athlete and ultra-runner.

Unscripted and unpredictable, Confessions is an exploration of what has driven Patrick to run incredible distances and redefine his limits in an inspiring journey to peace and redemption.

The official trailer is currently available through this website. In addition, a profile of the film has been uploaded to

We are currently in the process of submitting to film festivals with the hope of our first screening in the next few months and are asking for support for the launch campaign by having it shared by anyone interested through social media channels.

Thank you for your interest!

Patrick and Bachar

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