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House of Steep Productions was founded on one simple idea; to find inspiring people and share their stories. With a focus on the most extreme ultrarunners, primarily those competing in 200+ mile races or similar solo attempts, we find that the people who attain incredible achievements often have a mental fortitude crafted through adversity. Our aim is to document the people who undertake these unique physical challenges and examine the stories that forged the athlete.

Experience the Lebanese Mountain Trail through the strides and sweat of Patrick and the experiences of guide and record-holder Avedis Kalpaklian and other local runners.
Together, Patrick and Bachar formed House of Steep Productions with a vision of sharing inspiring stories of people who have overcome incredible challenges and continue to push themselves.
Official Race Trailers for Destination Trail’s Triple Crown of 200’s
In collaboration with race organizers, House of Steep Productions generated three short videos which served as the official trailers for Bigfoot 200, Tahoe 200, and Moab 240.
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    We are passionate about meeting inspiring people and telling their stories. If you have an idea for a film, want to produce a short video for personal/promotional purposes, or just want to drop us a note to say hello; we would love to hear from you!